Scotland Learning Solutions provides a wide range of information on effective e-learning courses for individuals and businesses, listing a network of training partners and the Internet. Centres are often located in, and run by, Further Education Colleges, libraries, private training providers and community-led projects ...


On this website you can find our catalogue which is subdivided into general pool materials, consortium developments and commissioned developments. You may need to check all the sub divisions to find what you want.  We don't contract directly with college staff. When we are starting a new development we ask Named Contacts for writers. We then set up a contract with your college. For more information visit eLearning Alliance, Real World Learning Scotland and Manchester Geological Association.


All our translators are qualified, native speakers of the target language, and their work is also checked by a native speaker of the source language. This combination of skills ensures that our translations are completely accurate and will read as if they had been written in the target language. For more information about our translators, visit our profiles page.

Why Choose Us ?

One-to-one tuition: One teacher for one student permits to work more intensively, resulting in much faster progress than in a class. You can concentrate on what you want (for examples: pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar…).


Flexible hours: We offer daytime, evening courses during the week and daytime tuitions on week-end.


We come to you: The private tuition is delivered at a location of your choice. It saves you time by not travelling to a different location.

Qualified native French teacher: You can be sure that you are booking quality language tuition. Our professionalism and dedication are essential to our success and to yours.

Free learning materials: All worksheets and materials are provided at no extra cost along with homework sheets.

We are not an agency so we know our

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It is not a guide but more a glimpse and celebration of the waves and culture of surfing around the English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish coastlines. Every section uses photos and text to give you a feel for the area plus display links in relation to their geographical locations (which anyone can add to). So basically if you're interested in surfing in Yorkshire head to that section of our site and get all the info you need in one fell swoop.